St Clare’s Care Home Residents Fund

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Mar 082017

Resident’s at St Clare’s Care Home received a boost this week (6th march 2017) with a generous donation of £600 from Honest John. These funds will be used to purchase games and other activities for those living at the home.

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Nova Aces

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Jan 242017

Nova Aces Gumnastics Club of Woodham, Newton Aycliffe received a cheque for £350 to help with equipment for the students.

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MAD Choir

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Jan 242017

Newton Aycliffe M.A.D. Choir received £1000 in December 2016

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Agnew Community Centre

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Nov 072016

£800 was doanted to teh Agnew Community Centre to help with their fund raising efforts during a Fun Day at the centre.


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Emily Cook

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Nov 072016

£1000 donated to Emily Cook appeal.
Emily is a young girl with terminal leukaemia.This money will be used to make her life more comfortable.
emily cook

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