Aycliffe Radio

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Nov 132017

Aycliffe Radio is a new CIC (Community Interest Company) for Newton Aycliffe.

Aycliffe Radio is the community radio station for Newton Aycliffe and the surrounding area. The station launched on 1st December 2017 and is operated entirely by volunteers from a studio in The Big Club based in Sheraton Road, Newton Aycliffe.

The station can be heard on any online device at www.ayclifferadio.co.uk – you can find the station online and the stream works with most computers, smartphones, tablets and internet radios.

Honest John made a generoues donation of £400 in December 2017 when the station launched.

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Neville Residents Group

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Oct 232017

A donation of £500 was made towards the Newly formed Neville Residents Group to help with their activities in October 2017.

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PCP Gardeners

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Oct 232017

In Octobers 2017 the PCP gardeners received a £700 donation from Honest John

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Excel Local

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Aug 012017

£300 was doanted to Excel local in June 2017

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