Chemotherapy Appeal

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Jul 012019

Yet another wonderful gesture from Honest John and on this occasion he has donated another £1000 to our Chemotherapy Appeal in order to develop a centre of excellence for cancer patients at University Hospital North Durham (UHND).

Thank you so much John for what you do for our community.

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Citrines Jazz Band

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Jul 012019

£360 was donated to the newly formed Citrines Jazz Band to purchase three marching snare drums.

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Mar 252019

£1000 was donated to the National Animal Sanctuary Support League which is a Newton Aycliffe based animal charity.

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Red Box Project

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Mar 252019

Honest John donated £600 to the Red Box Project based in Newton Aycliffe to help alleviate period poverty.

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Newton Aycliffe Police

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Dec 172018

Honest John donated £500 to the local police force to purchase a Santa’s Grotto, which was placed in their shop unit during December 2018

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Katelyn’s Bike Appeal

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Nov 132018

An appeal was formed to raise money to purchase a bike for Katelyn who suffers with Cerebral Palsy. John donated £500.

The appeal raised enough to purchase a bike for Katelyn and one for another young girl with Cerebral Palsy in Newton Aycliffe.

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Women’s Football Team

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Nov 132018

£500 was donated to the Newton Aycliffe Women’s Football team in November 2018.

A further £500 was donated to the Newton Aycliffe Women’s Footbal Club in November 2018

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Aycliffe Radio

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Jul 182018

Aycliffe Radio received a further £500 from Honest John in July 2018 to aid with the day to day running costs

Honest John sonsored the Xmas Live show on 1st December 2018. Donating his tickets to local charity ACORN Residents Association.

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