Aycliffe Radio

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Jul 182018

Aycliffe Radio received a further £500 from Honest John in July 2018 to aid with the day to day running costs

Honest John sonsored the Xmas Live show on 1st December 2018. Donating his tickets to local charity ACORN Residents Association.

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Aycliffe Radio

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May 152018

Honest John has donated £500 to a new “not for profit” organisation based in Newton Aycliffe, which is broadcasting under the name of Aycliffe Radio.
The community radio station has purchased new equipment, refurbished a studio in the Blue Bridge Centre and has been broadcasting since 1st December 2017.
John also joined the station for a 10 week stint as a guest presenter, presenting ten one hour 60s shows.

Because of the generous donation Aycliffe Radio has given the sponsorship of the local sports round up show to Honest John.

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Aycliffe Radio

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Nov 132017

Aycliffe Radio is a new CIC (Community Interest Company) for Newton Aycliffe.

Aycliffe Radio is the community radio station for Newton Aycliffe and the surrounding area. The station launched on 1st December 2017 and is operated entirely by volunteers from a studio in The Blue Bridge Centre, Newton Aycliffe.

The station can be heard on any online device at www.ayclifferadio.co.uk – you can find the station online and the stream works with most computers, smartphones, tablets and internet radios.

Honest John made a generoues donation of £400 in December 2017 when the station launched.

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