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Mar 252013

Newton Aycliffe Spartans were formed in  the summer of 2011. The idea for a local baseball team came after I was  introduced to the game by my friend, Sean Wallwein. I had been interested in  the sport for a few years, but was unable to find a local team or club with which to train. As a community sports coach, I have the skills and enthusiasm  to motivate others and thought I could try and set a baseball team up  in Newton Aycliffe.

Enquiries around the local school and  youth centres produced lots of positive interest and Greenfield School stepped forward to help and support us with training facilities, for which we are extremely grateful.

The inspiration for the name “Spartans”  came from my love of history books and the strength, resilience and self-belief  of the Spartans – that even a small group of Spartans could conquer bigger cities. I hope to bring this self-belief to Newton Aycliffe Spartans – that no  matter whether you are a small town or big city, you can do whatever you put  your mind to.

As team we are grateful to Honest John for his generous donation to help purchase new equipment to develop our young club and its members.


Honest John’s Fundraising stall has donated £400 to the Rainbow Group of 5-7 year olds at Neville Methodist Church; £450 to the Children at St Clare’s; £400 to the Artistic Roller Skating Club and £600 to Newton Aycliffe Spartans Baseball Team.

He is now raising cash for the five residential Homes to help make their Christmas a little more special. John thanks all those who donate to the stall without which he could not help these town organisations

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