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Apr 022013

The Turbinia & Aycliffe Bike Club would like to thank Honest John for his assistance. Readers may have heard the Turbinia had been burgled and a charity bottle containing hundreds of pounds to buy disadvantaged children Christmas presents was stolen.

John kindly offered to help with his market stall and the car boot sale.

Please support him and you can also help by buying an extra toy and donating it to the appeal. evry year the pub and now its bike club donates £100s woth of presents to local families experiencing difficulties. Worjking with Social Services they make sure we help the right people, so please help. Many children are going to have a Christmas theu could only have dreamed of thanks to Honest John and the people that support him.

Honest John received an Honorary Life Membership of teh Club for his effort in raising over £1080 for the fund

Gary (The Turbinia)

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