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Mar 252013

A donation was made to this organisation to go towards paying for days away for the children and parents.

Honest John’s Fundraising Stall has raised £400 for the “We Can” Parent Group at Greenfield making the gross amount collected for 2012 from the market stall £12,982.

John had to miss six days due to illness, otherwise the takings would have been more.

Back at work, John says the donations are pouring in as is the rain, but he is going strong and thanks everyone for their continued support. He hopes he can carry on for a sixth year if everything works out well.


October 2013:

Honest John has donated a further £3,300 to good causes from sales from his charity stall at the Cubby.

Five Care Homes in Aycliffe will receive £500 each. The “We Can” Aycliffe group and The Cubby each receive £400.

John thanks all those who donate goods for him to sell on his stall.and also Valerie who helps him.


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